Sunday, December 21, 2014

Validation, Correlation, or Do I have the Answer?

December 21st, 2014

An article in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times seemed to show a validation of my tornado-tamer theories of which I don’t usually explain in full.  The article suggested that birds appear to have an innate tornado detector device.  If anyone doesn’t understand the correlation or how this fact could be a potential validation of my tornado theories, just ask me.  

See:  Nature's own tornado detector saves migrating birds, study finds
Of course, I could have told you this about birds sensing potential tornadic energy anyhow, because of the couple of my high-school years that I spent in Iowa.  Whenever there was a tornado warning, not a bird could be seen or heard anywhere.  (Mind you, this was back in the days when tornado warnings were really something of significance because it meant a tornado was on the ground in the region – unlike many of the tornado warnings of today).

Adam Trotter, P.E.
Tornado Tamer  :)

PS.  I don’t ever really completely explain my tornado theories in full on the web because I don’t really know to what extent I am correct and I would prefer to officially research my ideas before I explain them; like..., to do otherwise might merely allow someone else with big-government backing to hijack my ideas and claim those ideas as their own (as did another university to which I applied a few years back for PhD studies, their efforts were to no real success for them – because they didn’t really understand what research I was proposing, I’m sure).  Know what I mean?  I worked for the government for over 15 years and many a coworker was all too happy to steal my ideas.  But I didn’t mind back then because I was being paid to develop those ideas, or so I rationalized anyhow.  But I will completely spill the beans on my theories soon enough, whether or not I get to research them with any real equipment or financial backing.  Though I will soon probably pursue funding on or the likes if I am not admitted for PhD studies in the interim. 

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