Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Listening a Little

Dec. 22, 2015

I've been having the opportunity to listen a little bit of late.  The singing of the Saints has been weakened of late, for sure.  But as I have blogged before, it could be due to passing storms/rains.  But the weakened signals have been on-going for a few days at least (comes and goes, somewhat from time to time too).  Funny, almost every time I am able to listen when anything seems worth reporting/cataloging, things are never quite what I would have expected.   Some always seem heard in places which such would not be expected.  And then at other times, some rarely heard are being heard nevertheless. 


December 26, 2015, Follow-on note:
NBC Nightly News reported this evening that two dozen tornadoes have been reported in the last three days across the interior southern part of the nation.  More severe weather is expected to follow across the south and move further to the east.  It is forecast to encompass much of the nation from New Mexico to Tennessee.  I could tell something seemed worth noting with this blog entry. 

Tornado reported outside of Dallas, as storm death toll climbs to 18