Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hitting the Target?

March 27th, 2015

Some have recently criticized and likened my tornado-prediction theories to “…even when throwing darts at a wall in the dark, theoretically one would still hit the dart board once and a while.”  Well…, that might be true.  However, it seems as though I may have hit the proverbial ‘dart board’ target once again.  (See:   “Oklahoma cleans up from twisters that killed 1, injured 2 dozen,” at: .  See also:  “Odd,” at: .)   I have long surmised that it typically may take two days or so for the measured air mass to close-in on the Heartland of the nation.

My sympathies and condolences to anyone affected or injured by this storm. 

For whatever it might be worth, it seems the signals have returned to normal as of Thursday evening (3/26), anyhow.

So I must ask, merely because one cannot display a causal connection/link in concrete form, does that make a correlation which is correct at least once in a while an incorrect correlation in and of itself?  Who is to say any such correlation is erroneous when the critic offers no concrete or verified answers of their own to the contrary?


Oklahoma Tornadoes Kill 1: Residents Begin Long Cleanup in Sand Springs, Moore

VIDEO: Deadly Night Of Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


March 23rd, 2015

Though not in the best of listening spots, the signals were odd again this evening. SD was weaker than the norm and SB would peak though at less-than-usual spots and moment-by-moment.  Not sure if the passing high or arriving low pressure systems were in play.  But depending on which was controlling, of course, the signals would seem counter-directional. 


March 24th, 2015
Yesterday, a television weather person reported a low pressure system was approaching.  Today, a different weather person said a high pressure system was building over the ocean and approaching.  Maybe I'll need to do more research with these blog entries rather than trusting the local weather person on the television?  

Monday, March 2, 2015

Surf Board Sledding – Local Storms Discounted

March 2nd, 2015

For whatever it’s worth, in my observations I usually discount local storms because I know that they are messing up the signals.  And, even if no one else sees the cause in the same vein as I, they would still see one of the symptoms that often may equate to the same thing in the end.  So for whatever it’s worth, I knew that the signals were particularly bad yesterday as the front (or whatever) passed that brought lightning storms, hail, and reported funnel clouds (over the ocean) to the SoCal area last night and this morning.  But again,  the signals were expected to be bad as the storm was right overhead – so to speak.  Maybe I shouldn’t discount the local storms from my observations though.  I have historically been looking for combinations that bring tornadic storms to the Heartland of the nation/continent.  Then again, if the local storm generates any local twister-type phenomena, then I should also start logging all weak signal days for future reference.  Again, for whatever it’s worth, the signals are at the time of this writing exactly the same – more or less – as they were yesterday.  Maybe I will take a ride to a better listening point to baseline the extraordinarily weak signals – for the SD signals are nearly as weak as they get, in my experience.  SB manages to squeak through at some points but could still be a result mostly of weak directional forces.   

Hail turns Southern California beach cities white

Then again, this all could amount to a less than anticipated combination as the pressure does seem to be rising and SD should be heard more clearly and no real directional force seems at play to block SD or promote SB for that matter.  But the whole thing could be due to the approach of yet another low pressure system.