Friday, May 27, 2016

It’s Never as Expected & Never the Same Twice, But It Often Seems Correct, Nevertheless.

May 26, 2016

I am aware that I have never performed a 'true scientific study' of the matter.  And I am aware that the model may only seem correct as much as it might be wrong (more or less).  But nevertheless, the model often seems correct (see last blog entry, immediately below and read on, if you would).  If this were PowerBall  or MegaMillions or even SuperLotto, I would be playing these numbers.  Because my model may have just been correct again, arguably at least.   (See:  Severe Storms Bring Flooding, Tornadoes to Nation's Middle, - regarding the tornado portion of the matter/article, anyhow). 

For whatever it’s all worth, it seems I should be saying all has returned to normal here.  But it has not, really.  Now SD is loud and clear and I can here SB clear as well at the same time – which is both irregular given the circumstances and why the signals were not as good/well-heard a couple of days or so ago when they should have been more so (maybe I didn’t really investigate yesterday, though, wasn’t aware of the potential success of my correlation).  Maybe I’ll go listen at the better spot again tomorrow evening – if I’m able.    

And, if I were to gamble on it all, I would do so such that I could afford to purchase and install some really high-tech equipment to monitor the matter/model for real.  Like…, scientifically and statistically study it all, for real and all.  :)

But all lightheartedness aside, I am talking of the possibility of giving warning to the heartland of the nation regarding the likelihood of the manifestation of torandoes/tornados days in advance of the phenomena, not mere moments/minutes like the others do currently - others who have spent billions on the matter to seemingly provide little.  Or..., at least my model could give a heads-up as to the likely probability days in advance – insight upon which could then lead to being further expounded/expanded.

Adam V. Trotter, P.E., etc.

90-Minute Tornado a Rarity, Even Where Tornadoes Are Common (me: I guess this is from today/yesterday?).

The Latest: Tornado Strikes Texas Prison

Tornado Town, USA (me: Interesting Article.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Didn’t Blog

May 25th, 2016.  Wednesday Morning. 

The signals were all over the place during this past weekend.  I forgot to do a blog entry about it all.  Regardless, as of last night, the signals are still weak and still strange.


Tornadoes, Severe Weather Sweep Across Plains, With 2 Injured in Kansas


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Whatever It's Worth

May 10, 2016, Tuesday

For whatever it might be worth, the signals were again weaker than normal all this past weekend.  However, while SD cold barely be heard, SB seems to be stronger than normal.  So the whole matter could be a directional sort of issue, if anything.  Time may tell,