Thursday, April 18, 2019

Rockin’ Combinations

April 17, 2019

Of late, many storms and much tornadic activity have been rocking across the nation’s heartland.  However, the signals heard throughout and during the week prior to this same time period, those signals have been of nearly every combination possible.  From the singing of one saint dominating the band (such as SD everywhere) to no saints being heard at all (which is typically the worst combination, barring a passing storm here on the west coast).  Moreover, these odd combinations, perturbations, and fluctuations have been typically too odd of which to blog.  (That, or I’ve been falling asleep at night and forgetting to blog about the matter.)  

But the oddest combination of which I have rarely heard and as heard during this timeframe, is the singing of the saints with the different saints each being clearly heard (from opposite directions) and each dominating its own respective portion of the band (as with SD on the low-side and SB simultaneously across the middle).  This is a very odd combination, in deed.  However, seemingly within a short time thereafter, the signals might return to a more commonly heard combination or, again, to no saints being heard at all.  

Again, I think the issue or point of my model could be when the signals come to an abrupt change, such is when the model could be warning of future storms and possibly tornadic activity in the nation’s heartland.  Or so I’ve come to observe/surmise.


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