Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is a Tornado?

Feb. 15th, 2012.

What is a tornado? It seems few are able to tell us, regardless of the untold billions of dollars spent to date to find out. I would surmise that a tornado is in reality some type of electrical event – albeit a possible result of geomagnetic or even extraterrestrial events or occurrences. Though as to what ‘nature’ of electricity might be present in tornados, I can only begin to guess. Nevertheless, I would go so far to postulate that a tornado is some type of sustained lightening bolt representing some type of sustained electrical discharge from the atmosphere to the earth (or maybe vise versa). Some may scoff at my suggestions as it seems that few – if any – share my opinion. But it would be interesting to learn what actually is a tornado, when the ‘researchers’ answer this question several generations from now. Because, it seems none of the ‘researchers’ are currently even considering what I am saying herein.


PS. I would like to visit the lightening storm regions of northern Canada; where, I am told, they also have many tornados.