Monday, December 29, 2014

Odd Combinations

December 28th, 2014

There have been odd signal combinations over this passing long Christmas Holiday weekend.  SD started out strong but now seems weakened but still manages to push through, weak as it is (a weakness which I would not have predicted by the higher than normal pressures over this timeframe).  However, often at the same time SB can be heard across the middle in locations where one would only expect to hear one or the other, at best; as usually SD would tend to dominate at that location.  It’s almost as if the scenario changes from moment to moment, to some extent.  But SD is still weak, regardless.  It doesn’t seem in keeping with any directional forces of the passing and approaching pressure systems – which seem to be following odd paths, according to the 11 o’clock nightly news.  What’s more, the pressure has not been very low or nearly as low as expected for as weak as SD is being heard – which might normally signal problematic air masses for the heartland, according to my model/hypothesis/theory.  (But maybe it’s the delta/change in pressure that matters, as I postulated before, nevertheless and not really the signal strength.)  But I do wonder if the reported solar flares that happened at the beginning of the weekend may have had any effect on the situation.  


Nasa releases footage of x-class solar flares - video

NASA cameras capture solar flare

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Up and Down

Dec. 23rd, 2014

Over the last day or so, signals have been one way then the other way with one dominating then the other.  Pressure has been fluctuating abit but not really all that much, ultimately.  Slightly strange situation as to the signals, I would venture to say.  Maybe some type of combination of the low that passed with any high that's over head with another low system approaching - or something anyhow. 


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Validation, Correlation, or Do I have the Answer?

December 21st, 2014

An article in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times seemed to show a validation of my tornado-tamer theories of which I don’t usually explain in full.  The article suggested that birds appear to have an innate tornado detector device.  If anyone doesn’t understand the correlation or how this fact could be a potential validation of my tornado theories, just ask me.  

See:  Nature's own tornado detector saves migrating birds, study finds
Of course, I could have told you this about birds sensing potential tornadic energy anyhow, because of the couple of my high-school years that I spent in Iowa.  Whenever there was a tornado warning, not a bird could be seen or heard anywhere.  (Mind you, this was back in the days when tornado warnings were really something of significance because it meant a tornado was on the ground in the region – unlike many of the tornado warnings of today).

Adam Trotter, P.E.
Tornado Tamer  :)

PS.  I don’t ever really completely explain my tornado theories in full on the web because I don’t really know to what extent I am correct and I would prefer to officially research my ideas before I explain them; like..., to do otherwise might merely allow someone else with big-government backing to hijack my ideas and claim those ideas as their own (as did another university to which I applied a few years back for PhD studies, their efforts were to no real success for them – because they didn’t really understand what research I was proposing, I’m sure).  Know what I mean?  I worked for the government for over 15 years and many a coworker was all too happy to steal my ideas.  But I didn’t mind back then because I was being paid to develop those ideas, or so I rationalized anyhow.  But I will completely spill the beans on my theories soon enough, whether or not I get to research them with any real equipment or financial backing.  Though I will soon probably pursue funding on or the likes if I am not admitted for PhD studies in the interim. 

A Return to Normal?

December 21st, 2014

Weird signals of late.  Over the last two days or so, SB was appearing across the middle while at the same listening location SD concurrently appeared at the low end.  I think I have only heard such a combination at that secondary listening location once before that I can remember.  It all seemed rather weird as the low pressure system had already passed and the pressure was rising or had risen over the prior few days.  I am unsure if directional forces could have been a factor or not – but I didn’t think so at the time as we were then experiencing the ‘back side’ of the low pressure system which had passed on into the continent and would then move things to the north which would favor hearing SD only maybe, at least typically.  If anything, with the higher pressure that was present over the last few days, the signals should have been more normal yesterday rather than today.  I didn’t blog about it until today because I wasn’t sure what to say about it, if anything.