Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Strife Everywhere

July 20th, 2015

Signals have been weak for a few days which I mostly attribute to the weird weather such as the hurricane remnants - moving up from the south, the high pressure system - that had moved back to the west from the heartland before moving on (if it really ever moved at all), and local rain and thunderstorms over these same days.  As I have said before, it seems that I don’t know the actual impact of passing storms anymore - maybe.  However, now I don’t know what’s currently going on much at all.  Signals are still weak but at times SD can be heard high and low and at other times only SB can be heard even in unusual spots and yet other times SD can be heard at the same time as SB and, of course, at other times neither could be heard.  I guess I’ll have to see what becomes of it all, if anything.



After thought 7/22/2015:

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And another crazy thing happened 7/21/2015, the weather person on the afternoon news had a low pressure symbol on her weather map where the high pressure system had been sitting- centered over Texas (which had been moving in westerly direction but has now moved on to the east).  But as it turns out I maybe was then at the time looking at a forecast map and was not aware that it was not a current map)! I thought I had slept through a day or so.  This has caused me to edit this blog a few times (which I prefer not to do).  So in other words, I thought I was mistaken but I was wrong!  :)

From http://www.weather.com/maps/current (7/22/2015 @ 0200 WST):
US Current Surface Map

7/23/2015   @ 2230
No, I dont think it was a forecast map that I had seen and I dont think that map I saw the news yesterday or so was correct either.  Because a high pressure system is again to move back to the west from west Texas area - according to the weather map I just saw a few minutes ago on KTLA Ch.5.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Strife in the Middle

July 15th, 2015

When I checked last night, it still seemed it was all about the middle - maybe.  Overall during the last several days/weeks, signals had been fine, then not a day or so ago, then strong again, then not again.  At last check SD loud and clear in the low but with SB being heard in middle.  Again, the scenario last night was that SD could be heard clearly down low but so could SB be heard at the very same time across the middle at the less than optimal spot.  Such a situation as this is not all so common, historically.   A controlling low seems pronounced offshore and to the north and a high inland but a Pacific hurricane (low) to the south in Mexico is moving to the north.  So, some interesting weather seems soon to arrive.  It also will be interesting to see how the signals play out when and if it does arrive.