Monday, December 12, 2022

Oddities to Delay My Journey


Tonight, was an odd evening.  Maybe it was merely the passing storm.  However, I heard combinations which I don’t recall hearing before.  At the better listening spot, SB was clear across the middle.  But SD was nowhere to be found on the low end - regardless of the specific location. 

Again, I don’t recall hearing such combinations before.  So, I’m not sure how to properly interpret it all. 

Nevertheless, I should heed to my model and delay my roadtrip a day or so.  I don’t see any harm that can come from waiting another day or two to head east. 

AVT (12/12/2022)

Sunday, November 13, 2022

New Oddities in the Old Regular


While at my old regular or preferred listening spot, I have been hearing odd combinations that I don’t remember hearing there in the past.  One combination heard Friday evening (SD low end concurrently with SB middle) has been known to be of interest when such was heard at another more current and typical listening spot.  (See, for instance: “Still Odd Again and Revelations”, located at: )  

However, the new odd combination heard on Saturday evening at the historically regular location has SD heard on the low end with absolutely nothing across the middle – at a location where one would expect to also hear SD.  At this point, I don’t know the significance of it all, if any.

AVT, Early AM Sunday morning, Nov. 13, 2022.

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Are the Saints and The Angels Toying with me?

While it seems likely that I might have been visited by an angel on Saturday afternoon, it also seems likely that the Saints and The Angels may have been toying with me throughout the day – maybe, anyhow. 

The day began with Saint Barbara singing across the middle and nothing heard on the low end.  Then later in the day, the Saints (SB and SD) and The Angels began to switch back and forth.  Which is not so unusual.  But the switching was unusual in that the switching back and forth between the sources happened so quickly and repeatedly and yet each source could be heard so clearly.  However, the day ended with Saint Barbara clearly across the middle and The Angels clearly on the low end.  Which is a combination of which the last time being heard I can’t remember – if ever.  This combination might soon be of interest, if not significant.  Time will tell.

AVT (April 10, 2022, Sunday early A.M.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Pick-Up Truck in a Tornado, or, Tornado in a Pick-up Truck – Tornado Research.


From Texas, a video emerges of a pick-up truck caught in the middle of a tornado.  See:  ‘Truck caught in middle of Texas tornado’, located at: See the non-broken  links below for the video footage.)

Fortunately, the driver not only reportedly walked-away, the driver drove the vehicle away.  Such would surely make a great advertisement for the manufacturer of his pick-up. 

If searched on-line or if one follows a link below, one can learn more of the pick-up truck driver’s story.  Maybe I will try to reach-out to the driver for an interview, at some point in the future.


For my part, I drive around with a tornado inside of my pick-up truck – even if such is merely in a figurative fashion.  Because, the tornado in my pick-up is a trademark of mine, of sorts – and it is posted on my rear window.  If interested, one can view my common-law mark at: , or equivalently at: .  (Note the wallpaper, the trademark of the website – and the mark of my efforts.)

Worth mentioning, about a week ago, my tornado-prediction model was trying to inspire me to post/blog ( ) of the likelihood of tornadoes to appear in the Heartland.  Any such predicted appearance might subsequently form as a tornado in the time frame of a couple of days later than the likelihood of such being exhibited/predicted by my model.  The model then could have been predicting the tornadoes which appeared about the time of the pick-up truck video from Texas.

Because, at the time of my observation, no saints could be heard singing nor were The Angels singing either.  Unfortunately, I did not post about the likelihood of those tornadoes, as my time has been otherwise overly preoccupied of late.  (See: .) 


On a related note, I have taken some unofficial steps toward doing some official tornado research.  I have teamed-up with a data-base computer expert who believes he can help me catalogue all the predicate/observed conditions of my model for the subsequent appearance of tornadoes in the Heartland.  Such would allow for the ease of searching the data and comparison thereof after tornadoes have formed elsewhere.  A data search which would then be easier to perform than reviewing my random blog entries.  Someday, once a baseline established, we might pursue some grant monies or even some SBIR research funding.  Time will tell.

Adam Trotter (March 2022)



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