Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is Strange Weather Currently on its Way to the Heartland?

Dec. 31st, 2009

I’m not sure if such was just an off-shore ‘fluke,’ but the model by which I research and attempt to monitor to seek a pattern to forewarn of tornadic, severe, and strange weather phenomena for the as yet specifically-unknown areas of the American Midwestern states seemed to predict this evening that such unstable weather may, in fact, be on its way to the American heartland – of course we must be mindful of the time of year and what types of weather could manifest itself inland under any such conditions. For all that is really known of the subject, the aforementioned model may be foretelling of something totally unrelated to reasons for which the model is currently monitored. Nevertheless, time will tell if this possible interpretation of the weather model was correct for this specific occurrence or whether such was merely a ‘fluke,’ coincidence, or nothing at all, I suppose.

PS. Barometer 30.27 inches (a few hours later from Los Angeles), falling or rising don’t know, scattered light rain, 50 deg f approx., Night time.

Afterthought 1/3/10 : record cold temperatures passed into the heartland possibly on schedule that would likely coincide with any prediction of the model; say, one to two days later. Whether such was a fluke, I’m unsure. Unfortunately I don’t have data loggers to monitor the deltas/differences of any monitored variable. So at best, I am only taking snapshots. I was a little concerned with the prediction as discussed above in this blog because upon a ‘snap-shot’ being taken the next day, all had returned to normal – so to speak – as best I could tell.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

National Jobs Task Force Team Meetings, or Whatever Such is Labeled

December 9th, 2009

While talks and meetings to get the private sector to create jobs and increase employment levels are surely commendable, at least superficially, does it not occur to those ‘task force’ type folks that to speak of the possibility of future tax credits for the hiring of individuals may likely cause the timid employers to wait to hire? That is to say, if a firm believed that at some future point in time it might get a tax credit as a result of hiring employees, wouldn’t it seem likely that many employers would wait to hire until after the potential tax credit was authorized or likely wait before hiring to see if such a tax credit were to be authorized?