Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weak Signals April 25th, 2012

Today the measured signals have been weaker than what is typically normal of late.  However, I would likely dismiss these weak signals as misleading due to the incoming storm from the Pacific Ocean.  I plan to go and take a snap-shot measurement shortly after this blogging this entry.  I would also tend to suspect that the weakened signals may not manifest themselves into any concern for the nation's heartland as it would appear to me that the incoming front could expend its energy prior to reaching the other side of the Rockies.  Then again, of course, I could be wrong.  Unfortunately at this point in time, I can't say that I necessarily understand any ramifications of fluctuating measured signals.

April 25th, 2012

Barometer readings have fallen from 30.0 (0000 hrs) to 29.7 (1545 hrs, about when it first started raining a bit) back up to 29.9 in.hg. (2200 hrs, PST).  At the same time as the barometer was spiking downward, the temperature reportedly dropped 20 deg F - within the span of an hour or so.  This in addition to other weird weather occurrences (winds, etc.) at about that time around the SoCal area.

4/26/12 @ 0100 hrs PST
At the time of the snapshot measurements from the last hour or so, it seems the signals are somewhat weaker to the point of what would have been the norm a couple of years ago.  However, exceptionally odd signal patterns were detected; with St. B seeming to reach further and into locations where such had not been typically received previously.  St. D did not challenge those signals and accordingly appeared elsewhere. (Barometer is currently falling below 29.9 inhg with the dewpoint rising.)  I hope that I am not attempting to 'reinvent the wheel' here.  But even if I am, I can't help but to believe that they may have missed something of which they may not have been aware on the first iteration.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weak Signals of Late, Swirling Energy as of now.

April 14th 2012, 0300 hours Saturday morning, Los Angeles Time.

Over the last couple of days, my snapshots of measured signals have displayed a weaker strength than what is apparently the typical signal strength of late. I am of the belief that the signal strengths that I measure seem to correlate to the possible appearance of tornadoes in the heartland of the U.S. nation. I believe this hypothesis worthy of investigation or I would not be bothering with such endeavors or related writings/blogs.

Regarding the weakened signals over the last two days or so, I haven’t felt the need to blog on the matter for several reasons. First, I sort of credited the weakened signals to the incoming early-spring storm. (The storm is currently passing on to/through the western portion of the North American continent from the Pacific Ocean.) Secondly, I believe these latest weakened signals to be sort of an exception to my prediction model – for further reasons I won’t go into now. And Finally, I have not had much free time to blog of late, unfortunately.

To be clear, I am only able to measure my readings in a ‘snap-shot’ format as I currently have no rich uncle to provide lucrative budgets to fund any continuous monitoring of the variables in question unlike folks in other portions of the nation – such as the tornado researchers in Norman, Oklahoma, among other places.

Anyway, tonight I went out to take a snap-shot of the measured signals. The energy in the atmosphere was definitely swirling at that time (at about 2 A.M.). At times during this snap-shot, I was able to receive clear signals from both of the saints concurrently with the angels as well. While the signals from the saints did not seem at full strength, they were not overly weakened. However, given the swirling energy in the atmosphere, a moment or two later of being able to measure all of the signals at once, I was not able to measure any signals.


Tornado hits Norman, Okla.; minor injuries reported

Norman, Oklahoma Tornado 2012: Strong Storm Hits Central Oklahoma

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weak Signals Yesterday, Tornadoes in Texas Today

April 3rd, 2012

Tornadoes rip through Dallas area, northeast Texas

This blog is for my records.

Though I didn’t create a blog entry to catalogue these facts beforehand, I was measuring considerably weaker signals than what I would consider to be the typical norm. I measured these weakened signals from approximately late Sunday through sometime mid-day/earlier today (Tuesday). Today, tornadoes touched-down in the Dallas, Texas area.

A couple of reasons existed as to why I did not blog ahead of time. First, I have been somewhat constrained for time, of late. Additionally, I thought the weakened signals were the result of a localized disturbance. Finally, I seem to be somewhat discombobulated of late with regards to the measured signals. It’s as if my calibration or correlation index has been slightly skewed. I don’t know what, if anything, has changed. But the measured signals have been significantly different of late.

It seems that often when I measure weakened signals, tornadoes may likely appear in the nation’s Heartland. However, there still exists times when I measure weakened signals and tornadoes don’t appear – not that I know of anyhow. I’m still not really sure what is going on with the whole thing or with the magnitudes of the signals. Yet, there appears to me to be a correlation between weakened signals here by the Pacific Ocean and subsequent appearances of tornadoes elsewhere in the nation.

Hopefully in the not too distant future, I may have the chance to study the matter in a more scientific manner.


Barometer dropped from 30.0+ to 29.9- inHg at noon on Sunday. Rising back to 30.0+ mid-day Monday and went down back down again a couple of hours later. Currently the reported reading is 29.97 inHg. I cant tell if the barometer is currently rising or falling.