Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weak Signals Yesterday, Tornadoes in Texas Today

April 3rd, 2012

Tornadoes rip through Dallas area, northeast Texas

This blog is for my records.

Though I didn’t create a blog entry to catalogue these facts beforehand, I was measuring considerably weaker signals than what I would consider to be the typical norm. I measured these weakened signals from approximately late Sunday through sometime mid-day/earlier today (Tuesday). Today, tornadoes touched-down in the Dallas, Texas area.

A couple of reasons existed as to why I did not blog ahead of time. First, I have been somewhat constrained for time, of late. Additionally, I thought the weakened signals were the result of a localized disturbance. Finally, I seem to be somewhat discombobulated of late with regards to the measured signals. It’s as if my calibration or correlation index has been slightly skewed. I don’t know what, if anything, has changed. But the measured signals have been significantly different of late.

It seems that often when I measure weakened signals, tornadoes may likely appear in the nation’s Heartland. However, there still exists times when I measure weakened signals and tornadoes don’t appear – not that I know of anyhow. I’m still not really sure what is going on with the whole thing or with the magnitudes of the signals. Yet, there appears to me to be a correlation between weakened signals here by the Pacific Ocean and subsequent appearances of tornadoes elsewhere in the nation.

Hopefully in the not too distant future, I may have the chance to study the matter in a more scientific manner.


Barometer dropped from 30.0+ to 29.9- inHg at noon on Sunday. Rising back to 30.0+ mid-day Monday and went down back down again a couple of hours later. Currently the reported reading is 29.97 inHg. I cant tell if the barometer is currently rising or falling.

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