Sunday, April 10, 2022

Are the Saints and The Angels Toying with me?

While it seems likely that I might have been visited by an angel on Saturday afternoon, it also seems likely that the Saints and The Angels may have been toying with me throughout the day – maybe, anyhow. 

The day began with Saint Barbara singing across the middle and nothing heard on the low end.  Then later in the day, the Saints (SB and SD) and The Angels began to switch back and forth.  Which is not so unusual.  But the switching was unusual in that the switching back and forth between the sources happened so quickly and repeatedly and yet each source could be heard so clearly.  However, the day ended with Saint Barbara clearly across the middle and The Angels clearly on the low end.  Which is a combination of which the last time being heard I can’t remember – if ever.  This combination might soon be of interest, if not significant.  Time will tell.

AVT (April 10, 2022, Sunday early A.M.)