Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Conservation of Energy?

Nov. 29, 2016; Early A.M. Monday,

Not getting to listen much of late, as I am away most of the time and I have no permanent listening equipment as yet.  But I was able to listen a little this past Thanksgiving Day weekend.  SB was fighting through – a little – but SD was surely much weaker than the norm.  I’m unsure anymore, as I’ve alluded in the past, what the effect of any passing storm really has on the singing ability of the saints or how much the release of any energy from a passing storm as it comes ashore on the West Coast, what effect this release of energy here has on the tornadic ability of the storm when it reaches the nation’s Heartland.  As I have also blogged, there is always the possibility that the entire unusual circumstance could be a result of ‘directional energy’ too.  Maybe this passing storm/low will help to display any correlation revelations. Maybe?  But I have noticed that certain patterns do seem to return at certain times of the year, maybe also. 


See Monday’s Stats:

After note, 11/30/16:
I first noticed the reduced signals when I returned to a listening area early Thanksgiving morning.  But I didn’t blog about it here until late Sunday evening / early Monday morning as the signals stayed weakened and seemed to grow even weaker over the weekend (maybe). And in fact, maybe some revelations have manifested in this regard (with condolences to the victims, of course).  
See: “Tornadoes, storms kill at least 5 in Southeast;” located at: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2016/11/30/tornado-kills-3-injure-4-kids-alabama-reports/94654180/