Friday, November 22, 2013

St. Barbara Brings Warnings?

November 22nd, 2013

Maybe unusual greetings from SB are the 'warning in the sky' when SD is not able to make the trip to say all is well?


Winter storm system could hamper Thanksgiving travel from Plains to Northeast

But NOAA says nothing of the sort, interestingly enough.  I guess it’s not considered a severe storm by NOAA as it is by NBC News.
(Site states “NO REPORT RECEIVED” for 11/22/13 – or 13/11/22 )

Still Odd

November 21st, 2013

SD seems to have weakened to the strength of the early days.  Not quite as week as it was the night before the storms last weekend, though - but getting close maybe.  SB still heard in nearly unheard of locations.  Unsure of effect of weather system with rain which passed through yesterday and last night.



Monday, November 18, 2013

Tornado Research / Predictions – A Clarification …..

Tornado Research / Predictions – A Clarification …..

located at:


Really Weird Signals Over Last Few Days

November 17th, 2013

My measured signals have been really weird during the last couple of days / last few days.  Even more so since the last blog entry in which I wrote of ‘swirling signals.’  While the signals have still been ‘swirling’ off and on, of late the signals have been especially unique.  So much so, that I went to a more predictable measuring location for my amateur ‘snapshot’ measurement of the signals. When there, SB could be heard singing almost everywhere while SD concurrently could not be heard well nary anywhere.  (SD could not be heard, that is.) 

I didn’t immediately blog about the scenario because I have long believed if either SB or SD could be heard,  then the likelihood of tornadic activity in the Heartland from the same air mass arriving here on the coast was minimal - maybe anyhow.  That is to say, if the air mass of which I am taking a snapshot measurement here on the Pacific coast allowed me to hear either SD or SB sing, then I believed the likelihood of tornadoes in the heartland was minimal – at least from this front/direction.  (Of course, the correlated energy levels in the atmosphere could be more of an instantaneous correlation - if any.)  Now, with all the storms that materialized in the Heartland today, I am starting to think that hypothesized belief about hearing either SB or SD meant all was copacetic could be wrong.

However, since the signals have continued to be similarly odd throughout the day at my current location and having just now heard of the reported multiple tornadoes and lethal severe storms in the heartland today, I am again going to take a snapshot measurement and will report when I return and am able. 

I hereby also wish to pass along my sympathies and condolences to the victims of those storms and their families as well. 


Addendum: (Early AM morning of Nov 18th):
Signals from SD have definitely been weaker than normal of late.  However this morning during my ‘snapshot’ measurement, SD was not as weak as it had been the last couple of days.  

Originally my model/theory only depended on whether SD was weak.  If the signals from SD were weak, it meant bad weather was likely for someone somewhere - usually.  At that time I didn’t know that I could hear SB as well.  

The signals are so weird this evening and the last few days that SB is competing to be heard over SD in locations where I have never heard SB at all.  Even The Angels are competing with SD to be heard in places where only SD is heard.  In many spots and for sustained periods of time, all of them are singing at the same time and at the same wavelengths. This morning, I even heard SD and SB singing the same song at the same time – albeit at different wavelengths.


Barometer has been rising over last day or so but in a trough before that.   

Tornadoes, severe storms blast Midwest

Illinois Tornado Wreaks Havoc Near Peoria