Friday, May 31, 2019

Still Odd Again and Revelations

May 31, 2019

Again last night the signals were strange - sometimes fleetingly and sometimes not so much.  But as I thought the signals had returned to normal and also maybe weaker, they again returned to odd in that SB could be clearly heard across the middle and concurrently with SD on the law end.  This combination could often parlay into a not-good situation for possible future tornadic activity elsewhere (maybe anyhow).

However, I have also had a revelation of sorts as to what else I should be looking regarding clues to make sense of my model.  Again, I hope I am not just reinventing the wheel here with my model.  But I don't believe so, as I am looking at unique aspects of it all (I am thinking).  Of course, maybe the day may yet come when I can seriously study my tornado prediction model in greater detail. 


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