Thursday, May 23, 2019

140 Tornadoes over the last few days

May 22, 2019

This evening at approx.. 10 PM (2200 WST), KNX 1070AM radio in Los Angeles reported something about 140 tornadoes have been reported over the last few days (or so) in the nation’s Heartland.

As I have been overly preoccupied during the last few years, I have decided to sometimes change the protocol my blog entries as I am able- when I am able to listen for the saints’ singing at all.  Rather than mostly trying to be predictive of tornadic activity with my model, I can/might blog in retrospect when noteworthy.  As I typically blog for my own future reference anyhow, I don’t need to prove the veracity of my own statements to myself in retrospect either.

Nevertheless, the saints’ singing during the last week (or so) was significantly weaker than normal.  And such still seems weak when/if the signals are not just odd.  Like…, St. B being heard across the middle while Saint D. is concurrently heard on the low end (at the less-than-optimal listening spot and at low to varying degrees of strength).  Like I said: odd.  The last time such a juxta-positioning was apparent there was also some significant amount of tornadic activity in the Heartland, as I recall as well.  Then again, I am never quite sure how much my model is being affected by passing storms here in SoCal.     


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