Monday, December 29, 2014

Odd Combinations

December 28th, 2014

There have been odd signal combinations over this passing long Christmas Holiday weekend.  SD started out strong but now seems weakened but still manages to push through, weak as it is (a weakness which I would not have predicted by the higher than normal pressures over this timeframe).  However, often at the same time SB can be heard across the middle in locations where one would only expect to hear one or the other, at best; as usually SD would tend to dominate at that location.  It’s almost as if the scenario changes from moment to moment, to some extent.  But SD is still weak, regardless.  It doesn’t seem in keeping with any directional forces of the passing and approaching pressure systems – which seem to be following odd paths, according to the 11 o’clock nightly news.  What’s more, the pressure has not been very low or nearly as low as expected for as weak as SD is being heard – which might normally signal problematic air masses for the heartland, according to my model/hypothesis/theory.  (But maybe it’s the delta/change in pressure that matters, as I postulated before, nevertheless and not really the signal strength.)  But I do wonder if the reported solar flares that happened at the beginning of the weekend may have had any effect on the situation.  


Nasa releases footage of x-class solar flares - video

NASA cameras capture solar flare

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