Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Return to Normal?

December 21st, 2014

Weird signals of late.  Over the last two days or so, SB was appearing across the middle while at the same listening location SD concurrently appeared at the low end.  I think I have only heard such a combination at that secondary listening location once before that I can remember.  It all seemed rather weird as the low pressure system had already passed and the pressure was rising or had risen over the prior few days.  I am unsure if directional forces could have been a factor or not – but I didn’t think so at the time as we were then experiencing the ‘back side’ of the low pressure system which had passed on into the continent and would then move things to the north which would favor hearing SD only maybe, at least typically.  If anything, with the higher pressure that was present over the last few days, the signals should have been more normal yesterday rather than today.  I didn’t blog about it until today because I wasn’t sure what to say about it, if anything.  



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