Friday, July 18, 2014

Reinventing the Wheel or New Correlations?

July 18th, 2014; 0130

So after a day of strong signals in addition to turf-wars across the middle by all three, tonight the signals have reverted back to varying from strong to weak and mainly remain on the weaker side – at least from this evening’s not preferred monitoring location.  Unsure if directional wind factors are prevailing.  For yet again, this all would seem contrary to what would be expected given the conditions – but it was a particularly clear day today ( / yesterday, Thursday, the 17th).

Ultimately, until I get some full-time monitoring equipment, I don’t really know if I am merely reinventing the wheel or not, with my studying of the signal strengths and factors thereof.  However, one thing of which I am nearly totally sure/confident is that no one else has ever seemed to look at the particular correlation of which I blog.  I think that is weird, given all the billions of dollars given to the tornado researchers in places like OK, and the likes, to study the phenomena of tornadoes.  I also think it’s weird that the tornado researchers have never seemed to even be remotely interested in those ‘thinking-outside-the-box’ or with differing paradigms and differing ideas on the subject. 

It takes open minds to learn new things.  Of this I’m fairly sure. 

AVT, P.E. 

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