Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kickstarting on the Side

July 29th, 2014

I am away from my Tornado Taming stomping grounds for the indefinite future. But I would have been interested in what the sky was doing during that lethal lightening strike at Venice Beach of a couple of days ago or so, nevertheless.  My sympathies and condolences to the victims.  The tornado in Revere Mass. also would be of interest to know what was going on  - but may not have contradicted anything I was noticing a few days or so ahead of it all - but the Revere tornado may not be under my purveyance anyhow with my model.  I don't really know - but maybe I'll check it out if I make it there before too long.  (See: http://theultimateroadtripamericac2c.blogspot.com/  , I'll include a North Shore blog entry before too long.)  But to this end of studying this hypothesized correlation and atmospheric phenomena, I think I may look to go to kickstarter.com to see if I can get some monitoring equipment to study my hypothesized correlation in a more scientific manner. 



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