Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reasonable Signals of Late

May 30th/31st, 2013

Though there have been calls for tornadoes for much of the Heartland over the last few days, my signals that I measure on a snap-shot basis seem to be attesting to the contrary of the forecasts.   Of course, I don’t necessarily understand all the signals and changes in signals that I measure – having no permanent measuring equipment.  However, the air masses that I have been measuring seem to be traveling to the south and then east from SoCal – like the air masses appear to be moving over northern Mexico and then towards southern Texas and the southern states.   The upper plain states (and Oklahoma) might be having weather from air masses not originating so much from here.  Like maybe the current bad weather in OK is from the northern Pacific region and/or the Gulf due to the presence of the low pressure system moving across the northern latitudes of the nation.  The low pressure system's influence is much at the same latitude that the pressure system came ashore from the Pacific (NorCal / Oregon latitude).  But the spin of it could still be pulling some air mass influence from the air mass that was here.  Nevertheless, the saints and the angels both appear to be singing clearly at my measuring spots here in SoCal – albeit maybe not as strong as I have heard them in the past.  But such would seem to suggest that the weather influenced by the measured air masses may not be tornadic – and I am aware of the difficulties of proving a negative, of course. 


PS.  I am currently beginning to travel so I will not be able to monitor my signals at all for a month or so.  I have no permanent stationed monitoring equipment of which I have previously blogged.  However, for one that is traveling to the east, as I  am, it would seem to be a good idea to follow this air mass to Houston to avoid the big storms to the north in places like Oklahoma - as I am also.  

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