Sunday, February 10, 2013

Odd Signals Again

Feb. 10th, 2013

Though I've been receiving weak signals of late, I mostly attributed it all to the cold weather that has been moving through the area (and then seemingly making its way across the nation maybe).  However, today's tornado in Mississippi compelled me to go and take readings from a more reliable location. 

When I did so, I was amazed to hear combinations of signals in locations that I would have never thought to happen.  St. Barbara could be heard everywhere.  The angels were strong in locations where I have rarely heard them as such.  And, St. D could barely be heard anywhere except where heard in regular strength – almost anyhow.  Then again, at other times they could all be heard at once - which I would say is very rare.  But generally, it was if the directions were reversed yet overwhelming for the others when not. 

I'm tempted to go do it all again, in light of how odd it all was.  I really need to get some permanent monitoring equipment.


Barometer dipped but on the rise abit over the last few hours.



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