Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strong Signals of Late

October 26th, 2011

The atmospheric conditions/signals I monitor in this effort have been abnormally strong during the last two months or so. Of course, I don't really know why this is so, but I suspect maybe the predictions of a La Nina type of winter may have something to do with it all. However, every once in a while, like today, the signals seem to weaken considerably. So I went and attempted to take a snapshot of the conditions. While the conditions seemed abit odd as to directionals, the energy levels seemed to be more or less where they typically have been over much of the last few years. I suspect the stronger levels seen over recent time will likely return in a few days. Again, I don't really know why this all happens or if the changing strength levels have any great relevance to anything over the interior continent - as I don't have the proper equipment to monitor the situation full time. All I know to do is to ask the questions: Why does this happen? What does it really mean?

Barometer reading 29.85 inHg and rising.

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