Friday, March 12, 2010

Deadly Tornadoes in Arkansas, Yesterday, March 10, 2010.

March 12th, 2010 (Early A.M.)

I blog this entry mostly for my own records. Yesterday several tornadoes appeared in the Arkansas and Texas areas. Tragically, one of the tornadoes in Arkansas was fatal for a resident there.

I blog this entry to remind myself to not disregard my Tornado Tamer efforts regardless of the seemingly absurd results such may sometimes display. Early afternoon the day before these tornadoes appeared in the heartland (3/9/10) I went to take a ‘snapshot’ of the variables I measure to look for correlations between these variables and any subsequent appearance of tornadic storms in the rest of the nation. Though I did not understand the meaning of such at the time, nor do I understand it now, my ‘snapshot’ of the monitored variables ascertained with my amateur equipment seemed to display a scenario which I had never previously observed. To begin with, there seemed to be a significant amount of swirling energy in the atmosphere. However, the monitored variables seemed so unusual and out of character that I disregarded the readings and surmised that such results were probably not worth blogging about as I assumed that I must have done something in error to have such a strange occurrence of the measured variables. I was so convinced that I must have tainted the readings that I did not even bother to get a barometer reading for the time of my Tornado Taming for that day. Now I wish I had documented the matter at the time of the readings. Live and learn, I suppose. It would be nice to have better and continuous monitoring to see if my theory truly is accurate or merely a coincidence. Maybe some day I will have the resources for continuous monitoring.

Again, in my opinion, my theory appears as too far outside-the-box for the paradigm-laden tornado researchers of our nation and era to garnish any support from them in this regard. As is typical and to be expected, the paradigm-laden individuals of our world likely have nothing to gain by supporting research that is not in keeping with their paradigms. Such support would seem to appear as a no-win situation for them and I’m sure they believe themselves well-justified to keep their billions of dollars in support to themselves and only to themselves.

Adam Trotter / AVT


Also: Storm Prediction [and report] Center SPC.

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