Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hermosa Beach (Calif.) Officials Warn City Residents to Take Cover as Ocean Waterspout is Likely to Soon Move On Shore.

January 20, 2010

Today at approximately 3:15 PM (1515) Los Angeles Time, the City Officials of Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles County, California, conscientiously telephoned city residents and warned the residents to take cover as a waterspout had been spotted over the ocean and was expected to make land fall in approximately twenty minutes. Personal friends of mine told me that they saw no waterspout but visibility was nearly nill / no visibility. However, one friend told me that there was a seemingly weird weather formation slightly up the beach to the north in Manhattan Beach; consisting of an unusual and oddly lit sky and seemingly odd cloud formations of an unusual density, or at least as best they could tell in the reduced visibility. Concurrently, a KNX News Radio 1070 AM Los Angeles reporter in Manhattan Beach reported that Doppler radar showed a waterspout over the ocean but the reporter could only see minimal rotational effects in the sky.

Adam Trotter / AVT / Tornado Tamer :)

Afterthought 1/22/2010: It should be noted that a short time later the city officials also utilized the 'reverse-911' system to inform the citizens that there was no longer any known imminent danger.

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