Friday, December 22, 2023

Even Lower than the Higher Low


December 21, 2023

Tonight, I cannot hear the saints or the angels singing.  Not even negligibly.  And, as I should have blogged a couple of weeks ago during a similar event to which tornadoes seemed subsequently to appear in the mid-eastern portion of the Heartland, I make this brief blog entry about it all now.  

Potentially of more specific interest than the current lack of any singing to be heard, at this time, two significant weather systems seem stacked longitudinally on top of one another, here out-west.    Of course, local events always seemed to have effect on the issue – albeit as yet unquantifiable. 

However and consequently, the next few days could prove to be of interest to my still unrebuked model to predict the appearance tornadoes appearing in the Nation’s Heartland. 

Adam Trotter, P.E.  





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