Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Better then Worse?

May 12th, 2015/ Tuesday early A.M

While the signals still seemed to have been weak all day Sunday (5/10/15, Mother’s Day), they seemed to have returned to normal for most of Monday (5/11/15).  However, as of the early A.M. on Tuesday (the time of this blog entry), the signals again appear to be weakening yet again.  It’s sort of a riddle to me.  Because it seems the signals should still be strengthening - according to weather reports, maybe anyhow.  I don’t really know what is going on – as a high pressure system should be nearing overhead – albeit maybe a weak high according to the link below with such riding ahead of two approaching low pressure fronts, or so it was reported by the television weather folks on Monday. Then again, maybe this is all a non-sequitur/non-issue.  Of course, one of the fun things about speaking in generalities is that most may not be aware of what I speak anyhow.  :)


PS: During this latest spell of weak signals, worth noting.  My condolences for any loss, of course:

Large Tornadoes Ravage Small Towns in Texas, Arkansas, Iowa and South Dakota, Killing At Least 6

4 dead after tornadoes slam Texas, Arkansas; 3 missing people found alive

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