Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where 'da Gulf of Mexico?

April 21st, 2015

For decades or more it seems, tornado researchers have been telling us that the formation of tornadoes in the nation’s Heartland are mostly due to the weather systems created by, or associated with, the Gulf of Mexico.  Then I see/hear of tornadoes like this one today near Palm Springs, California and ask, ‘what could the Gulf of Mexico possibly have to do with this tornado, even with the counter-clockwise spinning low pressure system approaching on-shore?’  

Are we to associate this tornado with the Sea of Cortez, possibly in accordance with the well-funded and widely accepted tornado researchers’ typical logic – if we stretch that logic abit and give that logic the benefit of the doubt?  Or…, should we attribute this tornado to the Pacific Ocean – words I never heard uttered in the same sentence before I started this Tornado Tamer campaign with a PhD. application years ago?  Or…, is this tornado due to the some combination of the second low pressure system soon to be coming on-shore to the north?  Worth noting, the “KTLA 10 O’clock News” from Los Angeles this evening reported that there were lightning strikes today in the Palm Springs region, more or less – which is another possible contributing factor in my hypotheses concerning tornado formation, of which I have written elsewhere.  Is the lightning the real cause of this tornado – and I don’t mean in the typical sense of the phenomena being associated with electrical/thunder storms either?

Confirmed tornado in Desert Center


Possibly unrelated to this blog entry, but maybe not – but kind’a cool either way:

Dust Devil Swirls Around Iconic Las Vegas Sign

PS. (Early A.M, 4/22)   The signals were weak from SD this evening with some SB being heard – albeit all possibly counter-directional depending on the location of the approaching low pressure system(s) and wind directions. (This is information which I do not have since I don’t have the equipment to provide this data in real time and I don’t want to allow a thousand java scripts of unknown origins to run on my computer just to find out this information either, even if I could.)  But I can see that the barometer is currently dropping as of this late-night writing.  So, maybe this post script is merely a moot point.   I will try to go get a better listen tomorrow evening to see what’s up, with any luck.  

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