Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Strong but Bizarre

June 2nd, 2014

As I have only been back in place for a short while, I went out to interpret the signals this evening.  While I had heard weakened signals earlier in the week before the storms in the Midwest, I didn’t blog of them due to laziness and I wasn’t sure the weaker signals were worth noting. Maybe I was wrong.

Anyway, I went out a short while ago and listened.  Both SD and SB were battling for the airwaves.  Both were quite strong.  But even in their strength and in comfort-zone-type places, SB could sometimes be heard where one would only expect SB and SD could be heard where such would only rarely be expected and even out-powering SB in those spots where one would only expect to maybe hear SB.  But then again SB would return the favor shortly thereafter in a typically SD comfort-zone-type locale. 

It’s all a little strange, I suppose.  This is especially so given that a dry low-pressure system is reportedly arriving on-shore according to a television weather person earlier today – though the pressure is holding steady this evening and seems to have risen abit throughout the day, nevertheless. 


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