Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Amarillo Weather Map Provides Clues

May 30th, 2012

Being in Amarillo, Texas and watching the local weather map today provided some insight into my tornado taming efforts.  I was often curious as to why storms with tornadic potential will sometimes materialize in the nation’s heartland even though I have measured nothing abnormal over the prior day or so from my tornado taming snapshot of conditions relevant to incoming air masses from the Pacific Ocean.  Actually, as it turns out, the answer to such a question was obvious – and I have likely pondered such.  However, even the easy questions can appear as difficult until one knows the answer.  Anyway, the answer seems to equate to the fact that I probably will have to expand my monitoring efforts up the Pacific coast in order to really ascertain the true potential for the appearance of tornadic storms in the heartland areas of North America.  Unfortunately, to expand in such a fashion is likely to require some amount of funding, no doubt.   If I have the opportunity to pursue such in the future, maybe I will seek such funding.  But, then again, being as far outside the box of paradigms as my theory seems to be, one has to wonder about the possibility of getting any weather-related funding for such efforts from research-funding entities. 


PS.  The same reasoning probably explains why I saw no weather systems materializing out of the Four Corners region.

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