Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do Unto Others and the Same Will Be Done Unto You By Others !!

October 16th, 2009

I think the Golden Rule is an over-arching rule of life. It seems that many in our society seem to forget these words / this rule when interacting with others. I think these words are / this rule is more than a proverb, however. I am convinced that the wording of the Golden Rule is a warning that has been passed down through the ages. As an example, when interacting with others in most of life’s settings, I am convinced that if one were to concern themselves with the well-being of the other party [or parties] interacting in any given matter, that the end product of the dealings will be much more rewarding to the non-self-centered party – more rewarding than can even be measured or anticipated in most cases. Bottom line: if nothing else, at least try to be nice and polite to everyone.


PS. I mean..., in the extreme and if I were God, I would go around as a homeless, down-trodden individual and see how I was treated for future reference.

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